Team Ethic Helped Wasps Survive

Team Ethic Helped Wasps Survive

I have never been someone who looks up to one particular person for inspiration.

Even growing up, I don’t remember hailing a certain figure or sportsman and wishing that one day, I would be just like them.

For me, my inspiration genuinely comes from the people I share a dressing room and club shirt with.

Especially in a sport like rugby, you can get very close to your team mates and they provide huge amounts of friendship, support and camaraderie.

When the chips are down, they are always there for you and you draw on each other to get you through those times.

When the good times arrive, they are there to share them with you and celebrate.

Last season was a perfect example of the support of the team ethic being crucial during difficult times.

There were days during our last Aviva Premiership campaign that we barely had enough bodies to conduct a training session, such was the extent of our injury list.

Results weren’t going our way on the pitch and we were there to be shot at.

But we pulled together when it mattered most and kept encouraging each other to keep battling and remain positive. That attitude saw us maintain our Premiership status.

And coming out of that situation with a positive conclusion only made their friendships and relationships stronger.

We felt like we had come through some serious adversity last season.

I feel rugby is like no other sport for the bond you make with your team mates and, at Wasps, we spend a lot of time with each other on and off the pitch.

We travel together, share a room and spend our spare time socialising and having a laugh. I think that makes rugby fairly unique in terms of the spirit that can be built up inside a dressing room.

It is also good for the spirit to get a good win under our belts in pre-season and Friday night’s 50-point effort against Leeds was just that. We played some nice stuff and some of our new signings are settling in very nicely.

This is going to be an exciting season.

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