London Wasps Trio Throw Some Shapes For You Tube

“Call Me Maybe” has now been seen by over 31,000 people on You Tube

I have been astounded by the reaction to the impromptu music video made by myself and Wasps team mates, Charlie Davies and Chris Mayor.

Our own version of Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe” has now been seen by over 31,000 people on You Tube as I write this.

It’s caused a lot of banter in the changing room and hopefully, given a few people a good laugh along the way. That was always our intention.

We have had plenty of messages from supporters of the club who loved it - and from supporters of other clubs too.

One thing some people cannot believe is that it was totally off the cuff.

We have been accused of practising it for weeks but I can promise you that was not the case.

One day, at the start of pre-season training, we were heading back home in my car and decided we should do something to put on You Tube and our Twitter accounts for a laugh.

We put a mobile phone on ‘record’ in the sat nav holder in my car and then “Call me Maybe” came on.

We all started miming the words, messing around and throwing some serious shapes – unfortunately, my shapes were severely restricted by the fact that I was driving!

Myself and Chris showed our true worth in the chorus, while Charlie knew all of the words in the verses.

When we watched it back, it was hilarious and within days, the number of hits it had got on You Tube increased at a rapid rate.

Our Twitter accounts also went mad with messages. And pretty soon, people were asking what we were planning as a follow up.

It was always intended to be a one-off and a bit of fun...but you never know.

If we do one, there’s a good chance that it might be quite cheesy!

Chris, Charlie and myself have plenty of cheesy stuff on our iPods.

Nearer to kick-off of a game, I will listen to some more up-tempo dance music but most of the time, it’s a general list of cheesy pop. All the backs at Wasps are the same too – though I doubt the forwards would subscribe to the same list!

So watch this space for a possible second video from the Wasps boys.

There’s a cracking team spirit at the club this season. We are not crying about what happened last year. We are just a really tight bunch of blokes who want to make sure that we get better and better at what we do.

The good news is, I don’t think me, Chris and Charlie will be giving up our rugby careers, just yet.

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