I Lost Myself

I Lost Myself

I don’t think I have ever been as embarrassed on a rugby field as I was last weekend.

For the first time in my life, I started to celebrate a try before I had touched the ball down.

I broke free just inside the 22 and raised my arm in delight that we were going to land a fourth and, therefore, bonus point try against Wasps at The Rec.

I had already had a quick look around to make sure nobody was near me and I saw nothing in a Wasps shirt.

Suddenly, their winger Tom Varndell came out of nowhere and grabbed me just as I was diving for the line.

He somehow got his body underneath me as we fell to the floor and, although I still maintain I touched it down on the second effort, the try was not given by the TMO.

With only two minutes left, we had little chance to get back in the scoring zone.

I was absolutely mortified as we left the field and I apologised to my team mates as soon as we got in the changing room.

I have never felt like such an idiot and I have had plenty of stick for it since as well.

I would like to say I had no idea why I did it, but I know exactly why I did it.

I was so pumped up and when I broke free and was so excited to be running in the bonus point try that my excitement got the better of me.

I was so pleased that all of our hard work was going to get us that crucial fourth try.

But I have never done anything like that before in my life.

I like to think that I am a hard-working, grafter. Showboating is not in my repertoire. But I just lost myself for a moment in the excitement and have paid the price since.

I love my rugby - and playing for Bath - but this has been a hugely disappointing week.


DesMoines said...

25 April 2012 21:43,

Fair play to Vesty for having the balls to hold his hands up. In football, there would be excuses all over the place. Different sport, different values.

ShedDweller said...

25 April 2012 19:35,

I am astonished by Newcastle fans over-reaction to Vesty's non try. Yes, he made a mistake, but to blame him for Newcastle's possible relegation is laughable. What about the fact that they couldn't win a game for seven of the nine month season? Is that Vesty's fault too?

Tomytucker said...

25 April 2012 17:40,

Newcastle can't blame vesty, it's a long season.

Graeme said...

25 April 2012 15:42,

Disappointing for you Sam? Think how Newcastle feel since it has virtually condemned them to the Championship.