I Love The Challenge Of Goal-Kicking

There might have been a few raised eyebrows when I have stepped up for the odd shot at goal this season.

But I have pretty much goal-kicked all my life, and in the future I would love to be a number-one kicker.

Let’s be clear – I am not suggesting for one minute I ought to have that job now.

But I love the challenge of goal-kicking and am spending a lot of time working hard to improve.

That’s where our fly-half Nick Robinson is a massive help.

I kicked regularly at Whitgift School, and want to develop that in senior rugby – but that’s not an overnight process.

If you ever need any pointers he’s the man to turn to, he always has time to help out and certainly is a big influence where goal-kicking is concerned.

Nick or Ryan Davis are the main men depending on who is on the field, but sometimes I will have a crack at the odd long-range shot.

I’ll goal-kick in the warm-up and gauge my range, and be very careful to be confident about which kicks I could take on.

That way if a potential penalty chance comes up, then I can be clear to our captain, whether that’s Marco Wentzel or John Hart, on whether I think I can land it.

Once you say you can get it, the pressure’s on, so you have to be very clear in your own mind.

But once I back myself, I just strike the situation out of my mind and treat it like any other kick in any other situation.

I was pretty happy with my penalty in our 25-11 home Amlin Challenge Cup win over Bayonne in December.

Hopefully I can put my hand up and then sink a few more – but if I want to come good as a long-term goal-kicker then I just need to keep my head down and hone the technique in training, and that takes time.

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Harry said...

02 March 2012 17:41,

Boy sounds so genuine and like a true professional. Really admire the youngster and predict a big future for him.

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